Why these issues and how are they related?

Health and satisfaction – the most important aspects of happiness in life – are the focus of aha. Well-being and active, healthy aging are legitimate needs. Over the life cycle several health enhancing conditions must be ensured to address these needs.

Free access to high-quality health and care services requires innovation and suitable framework conditions. Chronically ill people also benefit from this.

In order to treat them effectively and in a cost-effective manner, social and health care must be coordinated. Also, service and financing levels must be better aligned.

aha. is working on the most important building blocks for an effective and cost-efficient health care system. Enabling early and skilled help during a lifetime is key to prevent or at least alleviate the onset of physical and mental illnesses. Because: Our good health system needs a future!


The aha. topics were identified and prioritized in a focus group of experts from medicine,
health sciences and business.

Its content and context was written and edited by Maria M. Hofmarcher-Holzhacker, Member of the Executive Board, in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Otto Lesch, Member of the Executive Committee.

The authors would like to thank the group of top-class scientists and experts for important comments and additions to the individual topics.