Our goals and principles

Social and demographic changes, migration and globalisation, technological progress, unresolved financing issues – more than ever before, politics is called upon to take new paths in health policy in order to secure the well-being and health of all people living in Austria for the future.

aha. is a health policy think tank. It looks for new ways to a solid and future-oriented health system. aha. is oriented towards the common good, works in a highly professional manner, takes an international perspective and cooperates with all important stakeholders and experts.

aha. specifically seeks dialogue with the people in the country and is committed to an open exchange of information and ideas. aha. develops reliable data and makes them available to the general public. It advises politicians and other actors independently and evidence-based – always with the goal of a fair, effective and efficient health policy.

Behind the concrete objectives of
aha. there is a vision:

We see Austria as a prosperous state, for which the health and well-being of the people in Austria are a special concern.

We make our contribution to this
by …

  • researching and developing reliable data for a future-oriented health policy.
  • work multidisciplinarily and internationally to arrive at the best ideas and models.
  • advocating a scientifically sound, data-supported and evidence-based development of good policies.
  • conducting contract research on specific topics and independently including important health policy topics in our programme and putting them on the political agenda.
  • actively participating in the public debate and proposing constructive solutions to existing problems.
  • broadening the scope of action of politics and other important actors and advising them on the fair, effective and efficient design of the health care system.
  • seeking dialogue with people, by regularly providing serious and understandable information through various channels and by creating opportunities for participation.
  • supporting the interests of the population with regard to high medical standards and continuous improvement of general health care.
  • acting as a platform for an objective debate between people with different perspectives.
  • always maintaining our integrity and independence and not by defending individual interests.