Code of Ethics

Respect and trust


We respect all people, regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, religion or belief, sexual orientation and disability, and recognize their right to a life of well-being and health.

Diversity of opinion

We respect and strive to understand different opinions. However, we do not allow ourselves to be influenced by these opinions contrary to objective criteria.

Open dialogue

We assume that the best concepts are developed in an open competition of ideas. For this reason, we are committed to a variety of proposed solutions and ultimately make our decisions on the basis of well-founded, comprehensible criteria.

Respectful interaction

We do not participate in the spread of rumours or damage the reputation of others, but strive to treat all actors respectfully and constructively.

Responsibility and privacy

Commitment to well-being

In our decisions and actions we always have the well-being of the individual and of society as a whole in mind. We see it as our special responsibility to do all we can to achieve this.

Qualification as a requirement

We only accept tasks for which we are qualified and suitable.


We accept responsibility for the consequences of any omissions on our part and strive to correct errors immediately.


We protect confidential or proprietary information entrusted to us.

Independence and objectivity

Social Responsibility

We research, develop and advise independently. First and foremost, we feel committed to society as a whole and to all people living in Austria.
We do not violate this loyalty relationship due to other, divergent interests of individual persons or groups.

Loyalty to principles

aha. is financed by contract work and sponsoring. Orders and sponsorship money are only accepted, if none of our principles is violated. In particular, we insist on our scientific independence and do not allow clients or sponsors any influence whatsoever on research results and any conclusions to be drawn from them.

Appropriate communication

We see it as our task to communicate our work continuously and in a way that is easy to understand even for lay people. To this end, we work together with the media and inform them truthfully and objectively. We also check whether our information is presented correctly. In our own media we inform according to the same principles.



We always decide and act according to objective and comprehensible criteria.

Clear communication

We communicate in such a way that our positions and actions are understandable and traceable.

Transparent presentation

Contract work shall be marked as such, that the contractual relationship is clearly evident. We will make the results of commissioned work available to the general public as soon as possible, unless there are important objective reasons not to publish them immediately.

Dealing with conflicts of interest

We identify possible or actual conflicts of interest and disclose them to the stakeholders concerned.