About us

Executive Committee

Dkfm. Dr. Claus Raidl

has made a significant contribution to the Austrian economy. He has demonstrated his social commitment in his numerous positions in the fields of politics, culture and science. He stands for responsible action in the interests of the people living in Austria, independent of party politics and the various interest groups in the health sector.

Univ. Prof.in Dr.in Alexandra Kautzky-Willer
President Deputy

As head of the Gender Medicine Unit, she is one of the leading heads of the Medical University of Vienna. She stands for professional and high quality standards and for the interdisciplinary and contemporary perspective of aha. in all medical matters.

Univ. Prof. Dr. Otto Michael Lesch
President Deputy

is an internationally recognized psychiatrist. He has been involved in international health policy for many years and is the author of numerous scientific contributions. He stands for the respect that aha. has for people and organisations in the health sector and gives aha. a powerful voice.

The Board of Directors

Dkfm. Dr. Michael Kraus

is a successful entrepreneur and long-standing partner of the City of Vienna, its companies and institutions and is very experienced when it comes to cross-sector partnerships. On the board of aha. he is in charge of strategic development and operational activities. As an internationally experienced investment banker, he is also the first point of contact for promotors, clients and sponsors of aha.

The Austrian healthcare system is of high quality and has an excellent reputation. However, it is also complex, not very transparent and characterised by a wide variety of individual interests. In order to make our health care system fit for the future and effective, innovative ideas, independent and evidence-based research and constructive dialogue between all those involved are needed. This is exactly why aha. was founded.

The healthcare system is characterised by complexity, the private sector shows market failure and the public sector inefficiency. The academy strives to be, by experts with experience and scientific analyses objectively and independently, a tool for decision makers in the further development of health care.”

OSR Primarius Dr. Ludwig Kaspar,
2nd Chairman deputy and Member of the Board directors of the aha.

It started with an informal discussion of a small but representative group of doctors, scientists and managers from hospitals and industry. The group met regularly in Vienna and discussed central health policy issues in an open and constructive atmosphere. Very soon it became clear:
There is an enormous need for reliable data that are accessible and transparently prepared. And: The high-quality discourse of the small group must be extended – to political decision-makers as well as to the general public.

Health is important to all of us! Efficient quality requires professional data management – an independent and strong organisation like aha. is an opportunity to further develop this in the Austrian health care system.”

Prim. Priv.-Doz. Dr. Georg Delle Karth,
Medical management of the 4th medical department with cardiology in the Hietzing Hospital

The foundation of the Austrian Health Academy was an important step in this direction. aha. works for the benefit of all people living in Austria. As an independent knowledge and innovation centre, it occupies a special position in the health system: it does not see itself as a competitor to existing facilities. Rather, it is dedicated to the joint search for and finding of good health policy solutions and an open exchange on a national and international level.

Like many things in life, healthcare is complex and characterized by many diverging interests. If aha. succeeds in finding optimal solutions for the common good, that would be great.”

Gen. Dir. a.D. Dfkm. Peter Püspök,
Chairman of the Supervisory Board of aha.

The aha. researches, develops and advises. It aims at contributing to a fair, effective and efficient health policy – in Austria and beyond.
aha. is supported by personalities who are committed to using their professional competence for the well-being and health of all people. The aha. is organised as an association and has various committees: Presidium, board of directors, supervisory board, working groups, advisory boards. Outwardly aha. is represented by its presidency and its chairman. Commissioned works and own topics are continuously accompanied by a scientific advisory board. The working groups work together with domestic and foreign experts on projects and topics. aha. works transparently and offers access (right of participation and review) for all stakeholders. Clients and sponsors are represented in a separate advisory board.

With a share of around 65%, health and nursing care is the largest health profession. In addition, nursing professions have a central role to play in all care settings. It is therefore essential to integrate the range of activities of this health profession into all other demand-oriented developments in the health care system. The Austrian Health Care and Nursing Association (ÖGKV) therefore welcomes the initiative of aha. to devote itself to this aspect.“

Ursula Frohner,
President of the Austrian Health and Nursing Association